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Rise of the Defenders

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Rise of the Defenders hacked/cheats

CHEAT INFO:Gold, stars hacked.
Rise of the Defenders is a tower defense game with a unique sense of humor where how you defend your castle depends entirely on your creativity. In the game, you play as a god and your goal is to help your follower defend their kingdom from evil barbarian trying to rob your favorite barbecue sauce. You can help by dragging a piece of rock above a monster and release to drop that rock on the poor bastard to knock him out cold, or drag that piece of rock to the magician to cast a spell.

- You lose when the castle wall is breached

- You lose if all 3 heroes are dead

- You win if all enemies are defeated


- To Move: Draw a line from HERO to target area (KNIGHT only)

- To Attack: Draw a line from HERO to enemy

- To Pickup Coins: Click on it

- To Pickup items: Press on it and drag


- Slash “WEAPONS” through enemies to cut them

- Use “ELEMENTAL OBJECTS” on enemies to inflict elemental damage

- Use “POTION” on hero for healing

- Throw all other props at enemies to inflict damage
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